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Endulge Yourself and Your Loved Ones to the Wild Beauty of the Island.
Explore the Secret Gems of Santorini. Feel the Island. Discover the History. Be everywhere.
A Santorini Official Guide gives you Freedom and Peace of Mind for every choice you prefer.
Get to Know the Island as a Local!

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I am Efi and I am an officialy licensed guide that performs tours  in Santorini island.
Being an official guide is not only having the license to perform tours and being able to enter all historical monuments and archaeological sites. It is the actual knowledge of true heritage and history that allows official guides to respect a country fully by transmitting the actual information to the visitors. These values along with the experiences throughout the years has led to a creation of a team fully equipped to perform official tours in a proper way by actual professionals.

I have performed many tours in Greece and around Europe for the past 21 years  I have been working with cruise ships, shore excursions, incentive tours, V. I. P. s and individual tours. During these years of work a strong bond was created with the island of Santorini and I decided to become a permanent resident. This magical feeling is what I want my guests to feel.

I am fluent in English, German and Greek and can offer tailor-made tours as well.
I will accompany you during your visit in Santorini and show you its magnificent history, tradition and breathtaking views as they should be shown in order for you to actually see the magical island of Santorini.

Along all this time and experience eventually Santorini Official Guides was created to support your needs and provide the best travel experiences on the island… 

Welcome to Santorini!


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Explore the Secret Gems of Santorini.

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Endulge Yourself and Your Loved Ones to the Wild Beauty of the Island.

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Feel the Island. Discover the History. Be everywhere.

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Since these are some common enquiries, here you are…

Can I add an extra hour to my tour?

If you decide to extend the tour beyond the agreed duration you definitely can do it but you need to ask me about the day of the tour.

Why “a private tour” and what does it mean?

A private tour  focuses on your own needs, wishes and demands , organized just for you, your  family or your friends and that is why it include mostly up to 6 guests in total.

If your group is larger than that, I can always organise the transportation with a van/bus.

What’s is the usual duration of a tour?

Depending on the tour it is usual 3 to 6 hours. But you can always customize a tour.

In what languages do you offer your tours?

I offer my tours in English, German, and Greek. We also can accomodate French  Spanish or Italian.

Where will be our meeting point and how will I recognize my guide

If you are coming on a cruise ship, we will meet at the top of the cable car station. If you are staying in Santorini, then the tour can start and end at your preferred location. however, I will be holding a sign with your name on

Do you have any cancellation policy

Yes! We’ve got you covered! You can feel safe to book a tour with us.

We offer a very guest friendly Cancellation and Refund Policy.

You can read more about the Cancellation and Refund Policy here