Why hiring an Official Licensed Guide is Critical

Why I need a Santorini licensed Tour Guide?

A Santorini licensed Tour Guide can make the difference.

Santorini is not only an island with majestic view. As most of the Greek Regions is a living part of history!

More than 3000 years of history are layered and packed o this small island!

If the nature of the tour is that the guide is ‘interpreting the cultural and natural heritage of an area’, Greece requires the guide have a guiding license.

Are there any unlicensed guides?

Yes! There are. As far as you are not going to visit any cultural and natural heritage location you can rely on the services of a common guide. The definition follows the European standard for tour guiding (CEN) is a person giving tours such as

  • best nightlife spots,
  • shopping tour
  • fashion tour
  • restaurant tour
  • etc.

This kind of guides does not require a license. But is these the only things you want to see in Santorini?

What is a Licensed Tourist Guide?

  • Licensed Tourist Guides are the only professionals permitted to conduct tours in all sites and museums within a city.
  • Licensed guides are required in those areas where the local authorities state that one of them is mandatory.
  • To become a Licensed Tourist Guide, candidates must pass an examination given by the local public tourist authorities.