Why Santorini is a Personal Playground for Creative Travelers

If you need 10 reasons why Santorini (a.k.a. Thira island) is one of the most beautiful places in the world:

  • submerged volcanoes,
  • cave-houses,
  • volcanic black beaches,
  • whitewashed cubic houses hanging above the caldera,
  • photogenic villages,
  • infinity terraces,
  • black lava stone,
  • numerous blue dome tiny churches built wisely in the volcanic ash,
  • unprotected, nowadays, medieval castles,
  • a REALLY Deep Blue Sea

So, Santorini is not just a perfect vacation location…

It can be Your Personal Playground to Create and Direct your own travel documentary masterpiece

But in order to take a full scoop you may need an official licenced guide to help you build your Dream Tour. But let’s not call it exactly a tour!

It’s rather a calling to fuse parts of history to your own adventure. You have the raw meterials, we help you fuse them to something unique!

  • Earthly energy enhanced by the volcano
  • the most renowned product of the island: wine,
  • breeze of the Aegean sea,
  • unforgettable colours of the sunset,
  • the sunlight and the deep blue of the Cyclades,
  • the mystery related to the legend of the Lost Atlantis conveyed through the philosophical dialogues of Plato,
  • the friendly and hospitable locals

all these pieces compose one of the most astonishing puzzles of the world, a nature’s masterpiece! Contact us and  Let us make you feel like a local!

NOTE from our Guide: 

the tour is private so I am flexible to customise the itinerary for any last minutes changes according to your needs and mood of that day.