Santorini ‘s Sunset experience!

Santorini is a unique place in many ways.

Numerous articles have been posted about Santorini Sunset, videos and photos illustrate its astonishing beauty.  As a result, all these bring the Aegean island to the top of the summer destination surveys worldwide. Indeed, the iconic photo of the caldera as the sun dips into the sea, makes everybody dream of Santorini.

And we can assure you: it’s not the result of a photo editing software!

In reality, the Santorini Sunset is even better!


So be prepared for a record of ‘likes’ as soon as you post your sunset photos in social media!

… but hey, Santorini’s sunset is far more than an opportunity for an impressive photo that make your friends jealous! It’s a memorable experience that captivate your soul forever.

We have watched the sunset from the most famous view point of the island: the legendary picturesque village of Oia. Words are not enough to describe the scenery:

  • The whitewashed small houses, climbing on the volcanic rock,
  • The islets opposite us,
  • The serene sea shimmering under the Mediterranean sun
  • … and Slowly, the sun is getting closer to the horizon.

Santorini Sunset is not just a thing, it’s a ritual

Nature’s paint brush fills the sky with colors: yellow, orange, pink, red, purple. Some people start to clap, others remain silent, absorbing the beauty of the moment.  Most noteworthy, they have come from all over the world to live this amazing experience as if it was a ritual. Actually, Santorini’s Sunset is a ritual. Consequently, Sunset time finds literally all Santorini visitors in streets, plateaus and private courtyards.  All these view spots act as a garrison where they can enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets in the world.

For those who would like to escape the crowded Oia, there are other idyllic places, offering a more intimate sunset approach. Furthermore, the guys of Santorini Official Guides have promised to show me all in my next visit to the island this summer.


Therefore, my new photo gear is looking forward too! See you in Santorini!


Mary Grigoriadou is a professional Greek travel journalist and photographer, having visited more than 46 countries and lived in Switzerland and UK during her Master degrees in tourism and sports.

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